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Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 in Bio Energetics, Fitness, Health, Home Health, Inspiration, Life, Mental Health, Nutrition, Relationships, Uncategorized |


Health and Wellness Videos

Life Dynamix Health and Wellness Segments are a Mix of Mental Health,
Nutrition, Exercise, Bio Energetic Medicine, Inspiration, Natural Healing, and Toxic Free Living.

More Wellness VideosMore Wellness Videos
Click here to view many more health related videos in the wellness community. Members are able to add videos in this section and it is free to join 🙂

Sun For Optimal Health

James A. Ferrel M.D., CNC shares why sun exposure is imperative for wellness and how much you should get for optimal health.

The Elusive Cause

A Life Dynamix Special wellness stream of Dr. Joel Brame as he reads chapter 11 of his book “Modern World, Modern Health”

Doris Rapp M.D. live At John C. Licoln hospital speaks about our toxic World.

Our Toxic World – A Health Lecture

A Life Dynamix Special Wellness Lecture With Doris Rapp M.D. at John C. Licoln Hospital – She speaks about the topics of her book “Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call.”

Cancer And Birth Control Pills

James Ferrel M.D., CNC answers the question “Do birth control pills contribute to some form of cancers or do they help prevent it?”

Silver Segment 2

Silver shares with us key 2 of her 7 keys to passionate self care.

Are Perfumes Safe?

New York Best Selling Author Doris Rapp M.D. Speaks About Toxins In Perfumes.

Why Is Exercise Important?

James Ferrel M.D., CNC answers the question “Why is exercise important?”

Exercise 1 – Squat Curls

Fitness expert Kendra Kessel takes us through an exercise that incorporates the legs, buttocks, core and biceps.

Chemical Awareness

New York Times Best Selling Author Doris Rapp M.D. talks about chemical awareness.

Is Diet Pop Healthy Or Unhealthy?

James Ferrel M.D., CNC answers the question “Is diet soda unhealthy?”

Silver Segment 1

Silver shares with us key 1 of her 7 keys to passionate self care.

Limiting Household Toxins For A Healthier And Safer Home

Environmental Specialist Russel Olinsky speaks out against pesticides, chemicals and other toxins in the home.

Natural Anti Inflammatory Agents

Thomas Bodnar M.D. discusses natural alternatives to anti inflammatory drugs.

The Flower

Harmony Fulton shares a beautiful story about loving who you are.