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Life Dynamix’s Site Map – Wellness Links For Health And Vitality

  • About us
    What is Life Dynamix?

    Click Here For A Message From The Founder Of Life Dynamix

  • Ask An Expert

    Ask your health and wellness questions in this section. Questions related to the wellness of animals or the planet are also welcome. This section is under construction.

  • Certification Program
    Life Dynamix Certified Specialist


    How To Be Happy
    How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian
    Neogenesis – Reconstructing The Self
    Relief From Insomnia: Naturally
    Stubborn Fat Solution
    How To Make A Difference

  • Events

    1st Annual Thrive – Oneness Wellness Camping Celebration

  • FAQ’s

  • Features

    Frequently asked questions

  • Forums

    Post your messages of health in your desired categories and interact with thousands of community members who care about wellness.

  • Health Articles

    Alternative Medicine

    Anti Aging articles

    Cleansing & Detoxification articles

    Fitness articles

    Fun articles

    Inspirational articles

    Losing Weight

    Mental Health articles

    Nutritional articles

    Relationship articles

    Spiritual articles

    Total Health articles with Steve Ferrel

    Weight Loss articles

    Naturally Happy




  • Health Questions

    What is causing so many people to feel toxic?

    What one contaminant in our food chain may help explain many current illnesses?

  • Health Tools

    Tools for healthy living

  • How To Read Labels

    Learn how to read nutritional labels in order to make healthier your food choices

  • Magazine

    The Wellness Messenger digital and print magazine helps spread the message of wellness for the greater good.

  • Meditations
    Calm the mind, body, and spirit with different meditative techniques

    Non Toxic Living

  • Toxic Free Articles

  • Press Releases

    The latest press releases related to Life Dynamix.

  • Seal of Approvals

    Here you will find products that Life Dynamix highly recommends

    Book Promotion

  • Total Health Questionnaire

    A comprehensive wellness tool that generates recommendations according to your answers.

  • TV Shows

    Episode 1 Natural Remedies For Allergies

    Episode 2 Bio energetic Medicine

    Episode 3 Healthy Eating

    Episode 4 Mental Health

    Episode 5 Limiting Toxins In The Home

  • Wellness Community

    Click here to find support, share thoughts, and meet others interested in wellness.

  • Wellness Messenger Magazine

  • Wellness Messenger Magazine Filming




  • Videos

    View videos related to health and wellness.