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Posted by on May 17, 2017 in Health, Relationships, Uncategorized |

How Life Plays Out

How Life Plays Out

Quite a large percentage of people seem to see acceptability as a matter of choice. Reasons are not far-fetched, owing to so many other factors that humans often consider before choosing who to relate with and who not to relate with. Some of the prevalent factors are race, gender, nationality, tribe, or religion.

These relationships are defined by those in question, as they deem fit. Like the popular saying goes; “the choice is yours”. Choice – Acceptability – Relationships.

In that order, it is obvious that the first step to a blossoming or not blossoming end-product is Choice.

Every decision we make immediately a new day breaks, is a function of choice. From whether or not to wake up at a certain time, if we should eat a certain type of meal or wear a particular type of cloth, make a call to a certain person or send a text, board a cab or use the train, go to school or not, or better still – sleep all day.

It all comes down to choices.

In relation to people, choices are a bit more difficult. The first thing an average man looks at is what he stands to gain and secondly, security. People differ just the same way their faces are. Hence, the reason people consider what they stand to gain. It is also pertinent to realize that choices are made on both ends and from both parties.

Choices sometimes lead to a bad result and yes, mistakes are meant to be made and learned from. People most times are allowed to make their choices and invariably their mistakes. Aside from learning from other people’s mistakes, there is, however, an internal disposition that comes with making personal mistakes and learning from them.

In as much as one is unable to decipher of what is coming, one must also consider the other party is not privy to ours. Choices are therefore concluded as a trial and error, or better put in a more professional term; Risk.

We sometimes find it difficult to distinct the thing line between the choices we make as humans and the results we get. This line is Acceptability. It is the point of entry. It is synonymous to a visa on an international passport. Acceptability is the hug a mother gives to her newborn. It is the kiss a father plants on the forehead of her daughter. It gives the other party the privilege of joining us in the course of our life’s journey.

Acceptability is the beginning – the beginning of a million steps. It seems to be the easiest because choices have been made and all doubts cleared. It is like the rising of the morning sun and the opening of the petals of a flower. It can be compared to the transformation from a pupa to larva and at the end, a shining beautifully colored butterfly. The process of metamorphosis.

Acceptability is the beginning of relationships. It is the point where we say friendships begin. It is the checkpoint where we receive the gate pass and become vulnerable to the other party. Relationships present itself in many forms and some are seen to last while some others do not.

At the end, we learn a thing or two and move on. This is how life plays out in our affiliations and interactions with others on a daily basis.


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