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Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 in Bio Energetics, Health, Home Health, Mental Health, Nutrition, Toxic Free Lifestyle, Uncategorized, Videos |

Life Dynamix Healthy Living TV Show

Life Dynamix TV is about Dynamic Living and the strategies to help you achieve it. Each show has a Mix of information and strategies in Mental Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Bio Energetic Medicine and Toxic Free Living. Join health experts for optimal mind, body, and spirit wellness.

  • Episode 1 – Treating Allergies And Asthma Naturally

    This episode features James A. Ferrel MD, CNC, Doris Rapp MD, and Stephen Finneburg MD discussing natural solutions for allergies and asthma.

  • Episode 2 – Bio Energetic Medicine

    Nafeesa Deflorez hosts this episode on the topic of bio energetic medicine. This episode also features a healthy chocolate indulgence from The Healthy Eating Coach Rachel Albert-Matesz along with a dynamic mix of life enhancement strategies from health experts for optimal mind, body, and spirit wellness.

  • Episode 3 – A Healthy Peanut Sauce

    This episode features The Healthy Eating Coach Rachel Albert-Matesz preparing healthy vegetables and a tasty peanut sauce. Throughout the show other life enhancement experts will share with us their wellness tips.

  • Episode 4 – Mental Health

    The topic of this episode is mental health and features an interview with innovative psychiatrist Mitchell Gibson. We will also hear from other wellness experts who will share their life enhancement tips.

  • Episode 5 – A Healthy Home

    This episode features our host Aubrey Aquino talking with Environmental Health Specialist Russell Olinsky. Russell discusses ways to create a healthy home environment.