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Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Bio Energetics, Health, Mental Health, Nutrition |

Tips To Increase Energy Naturally

Tips To Increase Energy Naturally

There are many causes of lack of energy, which can include: Stress, depression, cardiovascular/hematopoetic diseases (poor blood flow, anemia), poor energy production, possibly due to lack of nutrients involved as cofactors and constituents of the biochemical reactions of energy production (especially B vitamins).

Not meeting your body’s energy and nutrient needs can slow metabolic/biochemical pathways. If your caloric intake is far below your body’s caloric needs, the body will naturally slow its energy production down to conserve energy stores. This is an innate way of the body to protect itself from possible starvation.

Endocrine disorders such as diabetes mellitus (type I-when there is lack of insulin which brings glucose into the cells for energy production, or type II-inability of the cells to uptake glucose even in the presence of insulin), hypothyroid states/disease, adrenal fatigue or dysfunction (deficiency of catecholamines) or those hormones that facilitate proper sleep/wake cycles (serotonin, melatonin, cortisol) can have a dramatic affect on energy.

Candida is another important factor that affects energy. It is a fungus that is potentially present within all people and generally controlled by the friendly bacteria in our bodies. However, when the balance of friendly to unfriendly bacteria is disrupted by antibiotic foods such as meats or antibiotic drugs the delicate balance can be disrupted and the fungus is allowed to flourish. When the fungus is in this state it causes many challenges within the body draining its energy. Effective strategies in restoring a healthy balance include modifying the diet and implementing healthy bacteria from foods and supplements. Click here for more information on Candida and treatment solutions.

Lack of sleep and/or rest is another factor that affects energy so implement adequate sleep into your daily schedule. Toxic burden in the body and/or poor liver and detoxification pathways influence energy as well. Limit exposure to all toxins from the air you breathe, what you eat and what you place on your skin.

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Quick Energy Boosters
Some quick and easy things you can do to stimulate the nervous system.

An exhilarating cold shower or a jump in a cold pool is an immediate way to stimulate energy and awaken the senses.

Jumping jacks – just enough to stimulate circulation.

Listen to an exhilarating Song.

Smell citrus oils such as orange and lemon that emit energizing aromas.

Gently tap your temples, forehead, and face with your fingers for 30 seconds then pat over your upper body with your hands for 30 seconds, and then pat up and down your legs for another 30 seconds.

Spend some time with a person or activity that enlivens you.

Full spectrum light from the sun or full spectrum light bulb.

A short invigorating massage.
Energy Awareness – Doing More of What Increases Your Energy and Less of What Depletes it!

Become aware of energies and their affect on you. Limit time spent with toxic patterns, activities and people that drain energy.

choosing to spend more time with nourishing patterns, activities, and people that increase energy.

Limit caffeine intake to less than 200mg a day. A small amount of green tea has health benefits; however, over time an excessive intake of caffeine stresses the adrenal glands causing energy depletion.

Limit stress with mind calming activities such as meditation.

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Excess stress will drain energy and over time deplete adrenal glands.

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