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Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in Health, Home Health, News, Toxic Free Lifestyle |

Chemicals In Personal Care Products Linked To Breast Cancer According To New Study

Chemicals In Personal Care Products Are Likely More Dangerous Than Previousely Imagined

Parabens In Personal Care Products Likely Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer

Many health experts have expressed concerns regarding chemicals in personal care products as possible cancer causing agents. There is new evidence according to a recent scientific study published in the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives that cites certain chemicals as a trigger to breast cancer growth especially when they are included with another compound called heregulin.

The chemicals studied are parabens which are used as preservatives and food additives. It is estimated that over 90 percent of those with breast cancer have parabens in their body. The experiment included breast cancer cells, a growth factor called heregulin along with parabens. When the parabens where added to the cancer cells with heregulin there was a rapid increase in the growth of the cancer cells compared to the heregulin by itself. Parabens are found in lotions, shampoos, sunscreens and deodorants. Dr. Dale Leitman, an adjunct professor of nutritional sciences and toxicology at the University of California, Berkeley feels that the study he directed shows that parabens are more of a concern than they were previously thought and that they can increase the risk of breast cancer since parabens mimic the female hormone estrogen.


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