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About Life Dynamix

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Who We Are

Life DynamiX is a wellness organization that empowers people through innovative wellness to embrace their life’s potential. Our vision is of a planet where we all prosper in one another’s brilliance. We contribute to this goal by providing complimentary wellness certification course, learning materials and a platform for compassionate wellness minded individuals to unite.

Compassionate Wellness For A Better World!
We promote compassionate wellness for the health of people, animals and the planet.

Our Foundation
The foundation of Life Dynamix is a Dynamic Mix of life enhancement concepts for Healthy Living. We focus on the little changes in lifestyle choices and behaviors that make a big difference.

Innovative strategies in mental mastery, healthy nutrition, advanced fitness, toxic free living, neuroscience, and bio energetics are the synergy to help people achieve this enhanced state of living.
Life Dynamix concepts enhance our ability to access healthy energies. These frequencies rejuvenate the mind and body. The more we access these nourishing energies the healthier we will feel, act, and respond. Peaceful, loving energies is a destination that the soul seeks and Life Dynamix hopes to help the world unite with this healing magic!

Solutions For Health Challenges
In a society where fatigue, obesity, chronic and mental ailments have risen to epidemic levels we are committed to sharing solutions for these challenges. Life Dynamix is progressive with it’s approach to life enhancement helping invigorate energy levels, fat metabolism, health and happiness by creating optimal brain chemistry. This state of well-being allows people to fully access healthy frequencies.

The Science

The mind is constantly sending messages that determine how we function and feel. When the message that says, “I am no longer hungry” is not received the body responds with increased hunger. When the message that says produce more happiness-elevating hormones, is not delivered an individual finds them self depressed. These are only a few of the vast amount of miscommunications that can and do play havoc on health and happiness. Excess stress, poor nutrition, toxins, lack of rest, and unhealthy lifestyle habits interfere with healthy brain chemistry. Message delivery and reception is greatly enhanced when the concepts of Life Dynamix are implemented, thereby increasing wellness and vitality.

What You will Discover on the Life Dynamix website

  • Life Dynamix System
    An innovative system to help people function and feel their best.

  • Wings For All Wellness Community
    At our wellness community called Wings For All
    you will find a place were you can share, inspire, support, learn and grow while meeting others interested in wellness.

  • Wellness Certification Course

    An innovative Wellness Course designed to enhance personal and planetary wellness.

  • Free Health e-Books

    A variety of free health related E-books are available on the community such as:
    Neogenesis – Reconstructing The Self
    Making A Difference For A Better World – Helping People, Animals, & The Planet!
    How To Be Happy & Have Fun Changing The World
    How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian
    Insomnia:Natural Cures For Sleep
    The Stubborn Fat Solution

  • Wellness Messenger Magazine Spreading The Message of Wellness For The Greater Good!

    An online and print Wellness Magazine created to promote messages of compassionate wellness.

  • Health Tools
    Health Tools that will help you make informed and healthy decisions.

  • Thousands of Wellness Articles
    Ask The Doctor, Detoxification, Fitness, Fun, Inspirational, Mental Health, Preventative Medicine, Relationship, Spirituality, Total Health with Steven, Weight Loss, are the categories of Health and Wellness Articles on

  • Health Videos and our own TV Show
    View Videos of various health topics, or watch an episode of Life Dynamix TV.

    Life Dynamix will provide you with the latest in optimal wellness. We hope that becomes a faithful travel companion that will help guide your life toward vitality, health and happiness.