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Life DynamiX is an innovative wellness system designed to empower you to function and feel your best.

Wellness For A Better World!
We are dedicated to making a positive difference by helping people feel better through optimal brain chemistry and spreading wellness for the greater good.

Our complimentary community at Wings For All provides a free health course, and e-books. These materials enhance wellness and better enable its members to make a positive difference.

Our vision is of a planet where we all prosper in one another's brilliance. We contribute to this goal by providing educational services at no cost and a platform for compassionate wellness minded individuals to unite. Please join our quest to amplify Goodness by joining the wellness community at Wings For All. Together we will make this beautiful world a better place!

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Finding The Cause Of Illness

Dr. Joel Brame Speaks About Finding The Cause Of Illness And Treating That Rather Than Covering Up The True Problem With Drugs. He is reading chapter 11 “Finding The Eusive Cause” from his book Modern World, Modern Health. Topics include stress, genetics, trauma, infection, dietary deficiencies, and environmental toxicity.

Wayne Dyer Dies At 75

I like to believe that the energy of this enchanted dance never loses its brilliance. A land angel named Wayne Dyer shared with me the following words: “What truly inspires me is something that burns within, an inner candle flame that doesn’t flicker ever regardless of what ever goes before me.” Wayne the magic you […]

Life Dynamix

A Message From The Founder Of Life Dynamix

Health - Wellness - Compassion - Vegetarian - Spirituality - Green Living- Goodness
We promote compassionate wellness that is beneficial for people, animals, and the planet.

Life Dynamix is a Dynamic Mix of life enhancement concepts for Dynamic Living. We focus on the little changes in lifestyle choices and behaviors that make a big difference. Through a synergistic blend of empowering strategies in mental mastery, healthy nutrition, advanced fitness, toxic free living, and bio energetics Life Dynamix helps achieve this enhanced state of living.

Enhancing The Ability To Access Healthy & Healing Energy
Life Dynamix concepts enhance brain chemistry and the ability to access healthy energies. These frequencies rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. While immersed in these nourishing energies the healthier we think, feel, act, and respond. When people feel better they are generally kinder and more compassionate to others and the healthy energy generated from one individual has the potential to indirectly touch countless others.

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